My July Goals!

Last night I started to read a few blogs as I do nearly every night of the week, and was so inspired by a new blog post that I wanted to write my own version as soon as possible! The topic of the blog was very simple; monthly goals. The blogger published her goals every month online, ensuring a visual reminder of everything she wanted to achieve and also making her accountable for completing them. After all, who’d want to publish their goals for all to see and not achieve them?!

So here we go. Let’s see if I can be just as successful in achieving my own goals. And maybe it will inspire you to do the same!

I’ll be back with a new blog at the beginning of next month to review how I did and set my August goals! Why don’t you take the monthly goal challenge?!


My July Goals


Here are my July goals.


1. Figure out a plan for buying my next car.
2. Work on improving the design of my blog.
3. Investigate new ways of earning extra income.
4. Post three new blogs.
5. Decide on and maybe even book a holiday with my friend.
6. Research two new blog websites for inspiration.
7. Review all nine websites at work to decide on improvements.
8. Read 70 new blogs.


Seen as we’re already 6 days into the month, I better get going!

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