4 Fun Ways to Feel Better About Work!

Are you feeling bored in the workplace? Uninspired? Maybe you need some easy ways to uplift your day? I’ve listed my top four ideas below for putting some fun back into your work life!


1. Dress Your Desk

Most of us tend to spend the majority of our day at work, so why shouldn’t we make our work space a bit more homely? It’s great to have a spring clean and tidy every now and again to get rid of all the clutter build up and help you to feel more organised. But also adding a few comforting decorations can add a nice personal touch. If you work on a computer, update your background image to pictures of family, friends or holiday destinations. I changed mine to a photo of my friends on holiday in Thailand together, and every time I closed a document I’d see it and be reminded of the fun times I’d had. I would always smile thinking about the memories and it reminded me what I work for, to experience those amazing holidays!

There are plenty of great ideas for creating a fun working space online. If you don’t work at a computer, or even if you do, gets some photo frames of family and friends. Buy a fruit bowl and keep it stocked up with different fruits each week, it will be the first thing you see when you’re hungry for a snack and stop you snacking on bad foods! Introduce some inspirational quotes or positive affirmations for when you’re feeling stressed or need some inspiration. Write them on post it notes or add them as your screensaver. Another great idea I found recently was adding a diffuser to your work space with your favourite scented oils. Adding a plant or flowers can be a nice brightening touch too!

4 Fun Ways to Feel Better About Work! - Dress York Desk


2. Bento Box It

I first discovered the concept of Bento boxes when researching healthy lunch ideas on Pinterest. Originating from Japanese cuisine, bento means a single portion take out or homemade meal. It’s basically a grown up version of your school lunch box! The box consists of different compartments to hold numerous portions of food. As you would have your sandwiches, crisps, fruit and chocolate in your school lunch box, this idea is similar but in adult form and more creative! Hundreds of bento box ideas exist on the internet, but I’ve picked a few of my personal favourites for you here, here and here. A fun lunch will give you a delicious meal to look forward to in the middle of your workday and prepare you for the rest of the day. And if you wanted to be organised for the week, they can all be prepared on Sunday!

I bought my bento boxes here!


3. Tune Up Your Commute

Do you tend to have the same old CD’s in your car that you listen to over and over again like I do? Do you listen to the same songs on the radio everyday on the way to work? Your working day starts with your commute, so make it count. Download some new songs you like or an album for your iPod to make that bus journey more enjoyable. Or why not listen to an inspiring podcast to set you up for a productive day? There are literally hundreds to be found online. Whatever you choose, it could help you find inspiration, happiness or increase productivity and create a positive mindset to begin your day. Which has got to be better than worrying or stressing about it!


4 Fun Ways to Feel Better About Work! - Power Dress It

4. Power Dress It

It might sound superficial but it’s definitely true that how we dress can affect how we feel. Think about it, you wouldn’t feel great going on a night out in your pj’s would you?! An amazing outfit can make you feel powerful in the workplace (and confident in interviews). It sends a message that you are professional, confident and in control. Check out my Power Dressing Pinterest board for inspiration!


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