6 Ways To Develop Personal Growth

When starting my blog I thought I had a pretty clear idea about what personal growth was. After all, I call my website a personal development blog…. But then when I decided to write a blog on personal growth I felt stuck. What actually was personal growth? Was it the same as personal development? And are self help and self improvement just different ways of saying the same thing?


I knew I needed a clearer idea of what it all meant if I was going to sit down and write a blog about it, and a website based on the subject for that matter! So I did some research. I found that personal growth can encompass so many things. It involves improving your career, health, wealth, skills, potential and so much more. It’s a massive subject and something which I’ll definitely be reading a lot more about!


In the meantime I’ve written this blog based on my definition of personal growth. For me, it’s all about awareness. Being aware in order to be thoughtful both towards others and towards yourself. Practicing these two simple things will improve your quality of life and make you a blessing to others at the same time!!


Personal Growth. Be thoughtful to others. Be thoughtful to yourself. That’s it.


Personal growth is a lifelong process, which I’m currently working on using the six methods below.


1. Don’t undervalue yourself

In anything. Work, friendships, relationships. If you think you deserve more then you probably do. I believe we can all do this too much in all areas of our lives. We stick in a job because we’re comfortable, not realising we’d be appreciated far more elsewhere, in praise and wages! We stick in our relationships because we want to make things work, maybe kids and mortgages are involved, but we know that there’s probably someone more attuned to what we want in life elsewhere. So value yourself! Take the time to think about what you want, and get it.


2. Go above and beyond

Help others where you never thought to help them before. Or maybe you have thought about it, but didn’t do anything about it. If you know you can help someone whether it’s giving advice or doing them a favour, then act on it. Even little things like washing the dishes counts! Just because. We can all be a little bit nicer to others and it’s very easy too.


Personal Growth - Start Your Passion


3. Start your passion

It took me far too many months of procrastinating before I started doing something about my passion. I love to write and now that’s what I do! I get to learn new ways to grow every week and hopefully add value to other peoples lives too. So don’t waste another second. Start your passion today. All it takes is one small step.


4. Dish out a compliment

Too often I’ve thought a friend’s outfit looked pretty or a work colleague was super helpful and not voiced what I thought. I think a lot of us can do this, so next time you think of a compliment don’t keep it in your head, just say it! And it doesn’t matter who it’s to. Compliments can boost self esteem, confidence, and maybe even brighten someone’s day. And why wouldn’t you want to help a loved one or even a total stranger to have the best day?!


Personal Growth


5. Practice self care

I’ve read about this a lot in blogs lately and its popularity seems to be continually growing. And so it should! We know it’s important to look after ourselves, but do we know all the ways we can do it? I’ve pinned some ideas I’ve been using on my Pinterest channel here and here. Why not go through these lists and tick everything off?! You deserve to look after yourself.


6. Ask someone about their life

We can all be guilty of being self absorbed at times especially when stressed out or feeling down, but it’s still important not to forget about others. Are your friends or family always interested in asking questions about your life and seeing how things are going? How nice is it when you see that person and you get to offload everything that’s going on? Well you could be that person too! Everyone appreciates it when someone takes an interest in their life, so be the one to ask someone about them today as they’ve so often done for you.


How do you promote your personal growth?


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