My August Goals!

I cannot believe we’re in August already! July was certainly an eventful month in both good and bad ways for me but as always it has been one of my favourite months of the year! Between festivals, BBQ’s, birthdays and job loss I’ve still managed to make a good effort in achieving my goals.


Here are the goals I wanted to achieve in July…


1. Figure out a plan for buying my next car. This is personally my favourite achievement! After trawling through Money Saving Expert to understand the differences between PCP, car hire purchase and all other money lending choices I decided a personal loan was the best option.

2. Work on improving the design of my blog. I definitely researched this and made a list of potential improvements, but I didn’t put anything into action. This is one for the August goals!

3. Investigate new ways of earning extra income. Done! I found two options; selling old things on eBay and freelance copywriting.

4. Post three new blogs. Hmmm. This one is a fail! I only posted two unfortunately, I’m a day too late with this one!

5. Decide on and maybe even book a holiday with my friend. I put some serious research into jetting off to Barcelona for the weekend before we both decided we just couldn’t afford it at the moment. Hopefully in a few months time we’ll be in a better position.

6. Research two new blog websites for inspiration. Yes, in fact I actually managed three. It Starts With Coffee (the inspiration for this blog), Because I’m Addicted and Thirteen Thoughts (my favourite blog site!).

7. Review all nine websites at work to decide on improvements. Well this one was an epic fail, although one that I probably couldn’t have foreseen! I reviewed two websites before I was unfortunately let go from my position. This was quite a shock, however onwards and upwards!

8. Read 70 new blogs. Yes, I finished this last night just on time. I actually think I read a few more but I forgot to write them all down so I didnt count them.


My August Goals!


Here are my August goals.

1. Find a new job! Time to re-read my interview confidence tips….
2. Make two improvements to my website
3. Earn some extra income from eBay and freelance copywriting work
4. Post three new blogs! And there’ll be no excuses this time…
5. Cook 4 new recipes
6. Put together an Instagram strategy for my blog to improve website traffic
7. Read 70 new blogs
8. Buy a new car

Do you have any goals for August?

Psst…. If you’ve not seen it already I’ve just set myself up on Instagram! Check it out here 🙂

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