My September Goals!

Autumn’s here! It isn’t until September that I finally start to notice the evenings and mornings are getting colder and darker… but on the bright side, we’re still getting warm days here in the UK! I’ve even heard rumours of a three-month Indian summer heat wave to last us into November, making our Autumn hotter than the Summer… we can only live in hope! August has been another great month with more BBQ’s, fun days out and even a new job thrown in too… another successful month for achieving my goals 🙂


Here are the goals I wanted to achieve in August…


1. Find a new job! My most important goal this month by far! And yes, I did it! I am now a Digital Marketer which is exactly what I’ve been wanting to do. Three weeks in and I’m loving it 😊

2. Make two improvements to my website. Done! I updated the theme of my site to make my home page look a lot better and allow me to add more pages, and updated some images on my older posts to make my content consistent. Plenty more to do next month…

3. Earn some extra income from eBay and freelance copywriting work. Done! Sort of… although I didn’t sell anything on eBay, I have had my first freelance article published on Blaster News 😊 READ IT HERE!

4. Post three new blogs! And there’ll be no excuses this time… Oh dear… I failed this one again! Only two published, although I started two more. Let’s go for third time lucky in September 😉

5. Cook 4 new recipes – Done! I’d recommend them all. I’m definitely addicted to avocados and Thai food! Click here for the recipes – Mozzacardo Sandwich, BLT Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados, Thai Chicken Soup with Basil and Lime and Mushroom Florentine Pasta.

6. Put together an Instagram strategy for my blog to improve website traffic – Done! My traffic from Instagram has increased and is catching up to my Pinterest traffic.

7. Read 70 new blogs – Done! I managed to get through 78 altogether.

8. Buy a new car – Epic fail on this one! My personal loan expired and I need to get something fixed on my car first, I’ll look into this again in September.


September Goals


Here are my September goals.

1. Re-apply for a personal loan and fix my car. This should get me closer to buying a new one again!
2. Learn how to make my favourite cocktail
3. Write more freelance articles on Blaster News
4. Work with another blogger
5. Make further improvements on my website
6. Cook 2 new recipes
7. Read 80 new blogs

What are your September goals?

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